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    The Sound Of Everything: A Jack Knight Novel (The Jack Knight Novels Book 1)

    ‘It would be such a waste, dying before he understood what he was meant to be doing with his life.’ Rural Wales, 1990. Jack Knight is in desperate need of change. Moving back to the small town of his birth to take over the family accounting business is proving a dreary mistake. But when a young woman asks him to track down a valuable heirloom, missing for twenty years, the quest reignites a fire he feared was lost forever. With his late father the last known custodian of the mysterious box, Jack digs deep into the past, hunting for answers. But, between the mystical wisdom proffered by an Indian store owner and a shifty old man drip-feeding cryptic clues, the investigation forces Jack to reassess all he once knew… Will Jack’s search open his heart to his true purpose?