• Horror

    Blade Runner: Shadow Crawlers in the dark

    THIS IS A SHORT STORY They call me the Blade Runner, saying that I’m deadly fast. Don’t blink if you want to stay alive! So yeah, I’m a deadly demon hunter and assassin who gets the job done. For a price. Billionaire Devon Fox believes he has a demon targeting him, so he hires me for a quick escort. He’s dreamy, arrogant and knows way too much about me. Still, when someone offers an irresistible price on his head, I need to put my feelings and crazy attraction aside to get the job done. As I spend more time with my target, the harder it is to resist him. When others come to take his life, I need to choose a side, and it might go against everything I believe. Find out who Nina will kill next by reading BLADE RUNNER, an Urban Fantasy that will transport you to another world where Shadow Crawlers must be killed and love gets in the way! * Contains violence and foul language Read more