• Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Carnation Murder: an Early 20th Century Mystery

    Can a forward-thinking woman help the police solve a murder in a backward-thinking town? Smart inquisitive, and a firm believer in the new progressive reforms, Adele Gossling seeks a new life after the devastating death of her father. So she flees the big city of San Francisco for small town of Arrojo. She plans a life of peace and small pleasures running her own stationery shop and living in her own house. But peace is exactly what she doesn’t get when she discovers her neighbor dead in her gazebo. The police think they have a firm suspect: the young man who was secretly engaged to the victim. But Adele and her clairvoyant new friend Nin Branch suspect the young man is innocent. In spite of the raised eyebrows from Arrojo’s Victorian-minded citizens, she and Nin set out to prove Richard Tanning didn’t do it. But if he didn’t, who did? Can Adele and Nin solve this puzzling case involving a striped carnation, a diamond ring, a note, a muddy pair of boots, and a broken promise? Or will Richard hang for a crime he didn’t commit and the real killer go free? If you love smart, intricate whodunits, you’ll love this series featuring a sassy woman sleuthing her way through one of America’s most explosive eras. Pick up your copy of The Carnation Murder for a fun, absorbing mystery set in Northern California at the turn of the 20th century. What early reviewers are saying:“Really well paced and researched appropriately for the era.” “The story comes alive.” ~~~ Don’t forget to check out the other books in the Adele Gossling Mysteries! Read more
  • Historical Fiction

    The Specter: A Gilded Age Family Saga (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

    When Vivian’s grandmother dies, she leaves behind a trail of family secrets and half-truths. San Francisco, 1892: Vivian Alderdice has just made her debut in Nob Hill society. But she’s not your typical Gilded Age heiress. She’d rather read books and take long walks than indulge in flirtations or learn the Hesitation Waltz. In the midst of the endless parties and social events of her debutante life, her grandmother Penelope dies. Vivian replaces her taffeta and silk ballgowns for mourning clothes, putting husband-hunting on hold. The future Vivian thought was so clear is now clouded with uncertainty. A woman not of the San Francisco elite shows up at the funeral, claiming to be an old friend of Penelope’s. She’s eager to tell Vivian about the woman she knew: Not Penelope Alderdice, the shipping tycoon’s wife and Nob Hill socialite, but Grace Carlyle, a spunky artist in search of adventure. Now it’s not only the future that’s cloudy but the past as well. Is the intruder a crank? Is she confused? Or is she telling the truth? Vivian won’t rest and neither will the specter of Penelope Alderdice until she finds out. Her journey takes her into the life of the woman she thought she knew, uncovering family truths the Alderdices have kept hidden for over forty years. Will Vivian’s future be revealed in her grandmother’s past? Follow Vivian’s path to truth and self-discovery in the first book of this family saga set during one of America’s most turbulent eras. Get The Specter today and experience the life of a spirited Gilded Age belle who won’t let go of a family ghost. What reviewers are saying:May’s historical fiction picks apart the delicate facade of American gentility in upper-class, well-heeled families on the wild West Coast at the end of the nineteenth century. – Lisa Lickel, author and blogger, Living our Faith Out Loud Gently told, and forms a good basis for the series to build upon. – Discovering Diamonds: Historical Fiction Reviews Part gothic fiction, part psychological drama, “The Specter” was a deeply moving & introspective book about one of San Francisco’s powerful families set in 1892 – Amazon Vine Voice reader An intriguing and beguiling story. – Amazon reader A fantastic story that will definitely intrigue the reader and pull you into the last page. – Amazon reader~~~THE WAXWOOD SERIESFalse Fathers (Waxwood Series: Book 2)Pathfinding Women (Waxwood Series: Book 3)Dandelions (Waxwood Series: Book 4) Read more