• Romance

    An Earl’s Guide to Catch a Lady: A Historical Regency Romance (Misadventures of the Heart Book 1)

    A fun, light-hearted historical regency romance featuring a sassy heroine, a brooding hero, and one breath-taking adventure! Evelyn Tremaine HAS DREAMS TO TRAVEL THE WORLD… And being outwitted by fate will not deter her! But even she has to admit that waking up in the bed of a stranger with no memory might be a tiny wrinkle in her otherwise grand plan. Was he a peasant? A gunman? Perhaps a duke? Or was he just a figment of her imagination? Evelyn wasn’t about to lurk around and find out. But she will soon learn the mysterious stranger was a force much larger than fate to be reckoned with and he has set his sight firmly on her. Matthew Langdon HAS DREAMS OF A DIFFERENT NATURE… And they all include reckless, unpredictable, and completely dangerous to his hardened heart, Evelyn Tremaine. While he might have decided long ago never to get caught up with any woman ever again, he is enchanted by this remarkable lady and her fiery imagination. The only thing is she is mad as a March hare. Winning the exquisite lady’s love will be a trial, but Matthew has a will of iron and he would stop at nothing, fair means or foul until he had her complete surrender. Read more