• Paranormal

    Academy for Misfit Witches

    ★★★★★ “This is a funny, sad, frustrating scary, sexy and breathtaking first book in this series!” COMPLETE SERIES ALERT! ALL THREE BOOKS IN THIS BEST-SELLING COLLEGE-AGE ACADEMY TRILOGY ARE OUT! From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara West A strong siren, mischievous dragon-shifters, a murderous mage, and an ancient Fae legend make this romance a wild adventure! First night in the dungeon like all new students? Um…check. Fighting for my life against a powerful mage? No way…check. Three hot-as-hades dragon-shifters framed for my attempted murder? Checkmate. Everyone I’ve ever loved has betrayed me, and I said I’d never trust again. Until them—three rebel dragon-shifters with a penchant for mischief and devastating smiles. Putting my life in their hands isn’t easy. Especially against a murderous mage—who happens to be my grandfather—and an ancient Fae legend. But it’s necessary, while I desperately work to unlock the siren voice inside me before it’s too late. PRAISE FOR ACADEMY FOR MISFIT WITCHES ★★★★★ “ Told from several POV’s this is a fascinating story full of fantasy, magic, steam, intrigue, and suspense that will keep you hooked until you got the last page” ★★★★★ “Great start to this new series that will draw you in and keep you guessing until the end.” ★★★★★ “One incredible journey is about to start for one particular Witch and three hot Dragon Princes. Fantastic story with terrific characters.” Read more
  • Young Adult

    Curse of the Ice Dragon (Keepers of the Stones Book 1)

    **Winner of the eFestival of Words Best Action/Adventure** Brave heroes and powerful heroines. Vengeful goddesses and blood-thirsty dragons. Wandering spirits and spiteful sages. This completed epic saga with a diverse cast of characters will keep epic fantasy fans turning the pages late into the night. Hunting was supposed to be a gift, where every arrow Markus loosed struck true—saving his village from starvation and making him a hero. It was also the only way Markus knew how to shield his sickly brother from his father’s rage. Until the fateful night when it all went wrong. Now he’s cursed and on the run from a vengeful ice dragon. In his escape, he falls into Ice Kingdom, where a kind man and his brave daughter help him wrestle with his father’s abusive past. But when he comes face to face with the goddess who cursed him, he has to decide. If he surrenders, the people of Ice Kingdom and the girl he loves will perish. If he fights, his beloved brother will die.