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    Shake Heaven With Prayer and Receive Instant Answer: Praying to Grab God’s Attention

    Heaven is the seat and headquarter of God’s abode. It is a place of holiness and a place loaded with all the answer we need to our problems. This is the reason we look unto Him in heaven with prayer, petition and with praises. With pure heart and dedication in prayer to the Almighty, the heaven shakes, and we receive instant answer to our challenges. This book gives details of how to go about it and excel in life. Satan and his agents must be checked before heaven can open. The Lord is there for us, Jesus is involved, Holy Spirit is active, and the angels are there to carry out heavenly assignments. Heaven will shake, if you pray violent prayers vomited by the Holy Spirit in this book. To shake heaven we must pray in humility, in honesty, in faith, in confidence, in accordance with God’s will and in Jesus name. God wants us to be persistent in prayer, but he also wants us to accompany prayer with action.With this book you shall reap bountifully. The prayer power in this book shall do the followings:- It shall free you from demonic influence and shame It shall empower you to take practical step that leads to spiritual revival The book shall cleanse you of satanic deposit that drags soul behind. The book shall make you the battle axe in the hands of God The book shall silence spiritual arrows of dark powers dedicated against you Heaven shall break open and destroy every embargo placed upon you When enemies roar they shall consume themselves The Lord shall speak favor and mercy upon you Failure and poverty shall see you and flee Powers that mark you for destruction shall fail Every stubborn battle shall shift ground and scatter You shall receive divine anointing to blossom. Brethren, it is a great luck to come across this book. Pick yours and shake heaven for instant answer. Read more