Young Adult

    Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is

    A standalone young adult romance from New York Times bestselling author Tess Oliver. ” I loved this story and would highly recommend it!” ~ObsessedWithBooks After a five year absence, seventeen-year-old Jessa has returned to her hometown of Pinecliff, a small mountain resort town where she’d left behind her two best friends, Chase and Nico. Growing up the three had been inseparable, and their close friendships had filled the void left by their dysfunctional families. Jessa quickly discovers that the strong bonds with Chase and Nico still exist and she realizes that her emotional tie to Nico has developed into something more intense than friendship. But just a few days after her return, Jessa discovers that not everyone in Pinecliff is happy to see her again. Other Vacation Romances:Cowboy DarkAngel Beach Approx. 40,000 words Read more