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    God Is With Us and for Us: 31 Days of Soul Care for Hard Times

    Inevitably and all too often, we find ourselves going through hard times. Life seems more difficult, and all our usual sources of encouragement and inspiration seem strained to their limits. At our lowest points we can question whether God is indeed good, whether God is in fact there. Such a time inspired God Is with Us and For Us, a collection of reflections from the archives of NavPress. Inspired by the need for soul care during the worldwide pandemic and subsequent quarantine of spring 2020, these thirty-one short readings will remind you, with compassion and conviction, that God is there and God is good—that in fact in all times and all circumstances, God is with you and for you. Is your soul fragile during this difficult time? NavPress wants to escort you into quiet time with Immanuel—God with us, through the words of trusted friends who have experienced spiritual growth even in the midst of their own desert seasons. Whether you are lonesome, living in quarantine, anxious about the future, impatient with your present, experiencing loss, or in the middle of financial hardship, you will find comfort in these words. You see, suffering isn’t new to humankind. It surely was known to our Savior. And so, as we weave discipleship—following Jesus—into every crevice of our being, we bring you 31 days of soul care. May they be a balm to your grieving, frightened soul. NavPress is the book-publishing arm of The Navigators, a multifaceted ministry working throughout the world to know Christ, make Him known, and help others to do the same. This collection of readings is drawn from the NavPress archives, featuring such authors as Eugene H. Peterson, Jerry Bridges, Aubrey Sampson, Robert Gelinas, Pete Greig, Cynthia Heald, and George Sanchez.