Historical Fiction

    Water Witch: a Coming of Age Historical Fantasy Romance

    Alaysha has spent her life as an outsider, shunned by her own village and exploited by her father for her uncontrollable powers. Forced to be a weapon, she yearns for freedom and fears losing herself to the darkness within. When an enigmatic stranger emerges, defying her magic, Alaysha’s world is turned upside down. With his captivating charm and elusive secrets, he promises to unlock the hidden truths of her past and help her harness her destructive magic. A magic that is growing too strong for her to control. Discover a world where outcasts become heroes, power is both a curse and a gift, and the choices we make shape our destiny. Will Alaysha rise above her past and rewrite her own fate, or will she succumb to the forces that seek to control her? The answers lie within the pages of Water Witch, an epic tale of self-discovery, love, and the enduring power of hope. Fans of Kristen Cashore and Shannon Mayer will love to curl up with this binge-worthy story that delivers an epic journey of love and transformation. One-click now to join Alaysha’s gripping journey and unlock the magic that lies within. Read more