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    Heaven (Free Grace Broadcaster Issue 254)

    In this issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster, entitled: “Heaven,” J. C. Ryle introduces us to the subject of heaven with a brief account of that divine region from the lips of Christ Himself. Edward Donnelly beautifully describes heaven itself as the place of God’s glory. Paul Helm shows us that, based on Scripture alone, heaven is redemptive, fixed, and final. Few people have ever had the great gift of describing the things of Christ with such beauty as did Charles Spurgeon. His vision of the Beatific Vision and the glory of seeing Christ should stoke the longing soul with living hope. Heaven, that place of God’s glory, is a world of love, says Jonathan Edwards—a place where we will, in love, all be filled with the fullness of God. Thomas Brooks picks up where Spurgeon leaves off, expanding on the glory of our experience with God the Father and Christ the Son: the best and choicest presence of God and Christ is reserved in heaven! Thomas Reade enriches our hearts with meditations on heaven. Meditate here, friend, and set your hearts on fire with the hope that lies before us. What is your vision of heaven? Is it robes, harps, and sitting on clouds forever? Derek Thomas paints a challenging biblical picture of the new heaven and the new earth. Edwards, in a second article, tells us how to seek that blessed world of love and how to avoid hell, the world of hatred. And last, we complete our journey to the Celestial City with a portion from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.