• Young Adult

    The Shattering: an Ashen Wasteland Series

    Rachel Sternritter’s childhood was almost idyllic. She grew up sheltered by her father, Rupert, who wanted nothing more than to protect her from the fact that Electria was on the verge of going to war with the rest of the world.But the peaceful home she had always known becomes chaotic when her older brother, Javier, leaves home and doesn’t return.More troubles ensue as the ruler of Electria, Director Corvin, is pushing to release a weapon that could eradicate millions of people and create a new era on earth.Director Corvin gains followers, Electria closes its borders and Rachel’s veil of bliss slowly dissipates.As the world around them begins to fall apart, Rupert plans to save their lives by hiding them in a cryogenic chamber with Phineas Archibald, the ruler’s grandson. Decades later they return to a new world of steam and machines.Now Rachel and Phineas return to the site where Electria had once been. What dangers await the two as they descend into the rubbles of their old nation?