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    Sacrifice (Karre & Viktoria Crime Novels Book 1)

    A hidden scheme. Suspiciously pat answers. Can one untested leader navigate the thin line between professional and personal justice? Essen, Germany. Chief Inspector “Karre” Karrenberg has no appetite for overseeing a homicide squad. Still grieving over his ex-wife’s fatal car crash that left his daughter in a coma, the veteran detective’s gut tells him to ignore all the evidence that it was an accident. But he’s forced to put his own needs aside when a poor young woman’s lakeside adventure transforms her into an unidentified body. Willing to make risky trades for more information, Karre discovers the mysterious female was a high-class escort. But his attempts to find the dead girl’s client are stonewalled by tight-lipped suspects, iron-clad alibis… and a growing number of bodies. Will Karre’s private tragedies blind him to clues that could prevent another murder? Sacrifice is the tense first book in the Karre & Viktoria Crime Novels series. If you like complex puzzles, dark conspiracies, and thrilling twists, then you’ll love Tim Svart’s intricate story. Buy Sacrifice to destroy a web of deception today! ★★★★★ Books in the Karre & Viktoria Crime Series ★★★★★ SACRIFICE – Karre & Viktoria book 1DECEPTION – Karre & Viktoria book 2BETRAYAL – Karre & Viktoria book 3REVENGE – COMING SOON Ebook collection: Karre & Viktoria (books 1–3)