Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Zero Hour: a Vampire Urban Fantasy

    In a world where magic and mystery collide, Leslie is about to shatter all the rules​​​​​​. Grief can drive us to the brink……Even if we’re 40. Magic had always been a fascination, just a collection of stories and the secrets of an old grimoire. Until the day my father passed away, leaving me drowning in sorrow, desperate to rewrite the ending. Could the grimoire really bring him back from the dead? Could it give me more time? The cost of tampering with the forces beyond our world becomes all too real, especially when a fanged collector arrives at my door, unveiling a hidden supernatural realm. Ignoring the knock would render my efforts futile, but opening the door might unleash a fate far darker than death—both for my father and myself. Zero Hour is the prequel to Once Bitten. Don’t miss your chance to dive in. The Order of the Dragon series is best enjoyed when read in reading order. Zero Hour Once Bitten Twice as High Three Little Words Half-cocked Vampire Four Times the Fight “Loved it! It was fun and well-paced for a prequel. I’m looking forward to reading the series! I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of the Alastair character that was introduced at the end.” — Review Read more