• Paranormal

    Buried Magic (White Haven Witches Book 1)

    Love witch fiction? Welcome to White Haven. Avery, a witch who lives on the Cornish coast, finds her past holds more secrets than she ever imagined. For years witches have lived in White Haven, all with an age-old connection to the town and its magical roots, but Avery has always been reluctant to join the coven, preferring to work alone. However, when she finds clues suggesting there is an ancient spell that is restricting their power, Avery realises she must team up with the other witches to uncover the truth. Their investigations bring danger. Someone wants the past to remain buried, and they’re willing to unleash powerful magic to do it. If you love witches and magic, with a twist of romance and plenty of mystery and action, you’ll love this series. Grab your copy now! ***This story completes in book 2, Magic Unbound. All subsequent stories are complete. “The perfect mix of history, real locations, legends and folk stories with magic, romance and friendship.” Read more