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    The Ridiculously Divine Comedy: a Sample of True Tall Tales

    Laugh-Out-Loud Faith! Looking for tall tales to tickle your funny bone and encourage you in God’s purpose and calling? Then you will love this ebook-only sample of true stories from actor and comedian Torry Martin! Whether dealing with pythons in South Africa, Toto the puppet in Seattle, or reindeer in Alaska, Torry shares his blunders and the life lessons they’ve taught him along the way. This selection of comical adventures from his¬†books Of Moose and Men and The Call of the Mild promises laughter and inspiration, all while pointing you toward a loving, present, and personal God. Enjoy these true Torry tales in The Ridiculously Divine Comedy! “Torry is a man full of adventure with a heart for each being he finds in his path, fueled by his keen desire for God.” –¬†Tosca Lee, New York Times bestselling author