Seduced by Sunset: a Dark Vampire Romance

    Brooke’s life could be measured in blood. The blood of her patients in the ER. The blood of her comatose mother, whom she’s desperately trying to awaken. And the blood in the bags she frequently delivers from storage to those who need it. When she’s attacked by supernatural raiders in the storage room one night, and rescued by a sexy stranger equally as inhuman, she realizes how precious a commodity blood truly is—especially hers. After the mysterious disappearance of the raiders and her rescuer, Brooke begins to doubt her sanity. But when the same handsome rogue saves her from a second attack, she demands answers. Liam says he’s a vampire, and he’s protecting her from the vampire blood cartel who discovered during the raid that she’s a Fount, a human with highly addictive blood. Together they go on the run, stoking the fire between them that sparked when he first saved her. But vampires aren’t the only ones who want Brooke for her blood. There are other creatures with far more devious intentions. Will Brooke become a blood cow for the vampire cartel, or be forced into an ancient fae fox hunt? Or can the sprouting love between her and Liam save them both? Read more
    Young Adult

    Zodiac Guardians: Zodiac Guardians Prequel

    He’s been tasked with the fate of the Universe, but she’s the only one who can save him. After an attack by the greatest evil in the Universe, Zarius is sent to Earth with a box of powerful gems meant for the Zodiac Heirs, and his infant ward, the Gemini Prince. But after he’s injured in the crash landing, Zairus awakens to find the baby has been stolen. The only way he can save the Universe is to find the missing Prince. Tess’s family has struggled with the death of her little brother. When she finds a baby in the wreckage of what could only be an alien spacecraft, she knows she must protect him at all costs. No one will take him from her. Zarius and Tess are thrown together when mysterious agents come sniffing. Are they assassins, or child services come to take Tess’s brother away? Desperate to protect their secrets and their hearts, they’re forced to run.  Now, the fate of a vulnerable child and that of the Universe depend on whether Zarius and Tess can realize that their love is the greatest protection of all.  Fans of paranormal and sci-fi romance will love the prequel to this Sailor Moon meets Avengers series from USA Today Best-Selling authors Tricia Barr and Tamar Sloan! Scroll up and one-click your copy now!