• Young Adult

    Soldier at the Door (Forest at the Edge Book 2)

    Perrin and Mahrree’s sense of security is shattered. Not only have the Guarders returned, they’ve been after Mahrree and the Shins’ children. Captain Shin, in violation of army rules, barged into the forests after the Guarders, which earned him warnings from Idumea, the increased hatred of Chairman Mal, and a slashed back. It’d be helpful to have a little inside information, and the forest agrees. So it’s sending an insider named Shem Zenos–a volunteer soldier who’s brawny, charismatic, and conveniently loves babies. All of which leaves Chairman Mal wondering—just who is this “Quiet Man” who’s told his Guarders he has Captain Shin under control, and exactly what kind of “help” is he providing?