• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Aftermath (Book 1: Fate)

    Mike Weber is on his way home after a shift at the convenience store when he is confronted by his high school bullies. But something’s different this time – instead of their usual bullying tactics, they seem driven to kill. As he seeks refuge in the woods, he has no idea of the chaos that has begun to spread across the city. Casey and her twin brother are working as camp counselors when the children start attacking the staff, killing all but two. Though they find temporary shelter up in the trees, she has to find a way out. And soon. Something from the lake has infected the children, and there’s no telling when it will reach her loved ones and friends. Some will attempt to cross the border before the city is forced into quarantine. Others will remain and seek answers. But no matter where they go, terror will only be a step away … Read more