• Romance

    Their Runaway Bride

    Discover now how the USA Today bestselling series begins Returning from Europe, Ann learns she is to marry a man of her father’s choosing once they arrive in New York. Refusing, she runs away, although she can’t go far on a steam ship. Only as far as the stateroom of a very handsome soldier. There’s only one guaranteed way to save a woman from a bad marriage, and that’s to marry her himself. Ann is surprised Robert will go to such lengths to protect her, but stunned when she won’t just be marrying him, but his fellow soldier, Andrew, as well. This is a e-reader melting prequel with two determined soldiers and a woman they vow to protect. Reading order for the Bridgewater Series:Their Runaway BrideTheir Kidnapped Bride Their Wayward Bride Their Captivated BrideTheir Treasured BrideTheir Christmas BrideTheir Reluctant BrideTheir Stolen BrideTheir Brazen BrideTheir Conquered BrideTheir Rebellious BrideTheir Reckless Bride