• Horror

    Welcome to the Aurora Wasteland

    Read at your own risk, The Aurora Wasteland is watching you. I’m going to tell you a storyIt’s going to involve some short storiesAnd the ways they affect the people that read themOh and maybe a hint of the strange and the weird Welcome to the Aurora Wasteland A collection of short stories by Sci-Fi Horror author Vaughn Ashby spread across the literary universe unknown as The Aurora Wasteland. A hiker stumbles across some accidental time travelA town frozen in place at the blink of an eyeA corn maze with a whale of a secret in itAn old woman forced to witness the tower of the deadA yoga class taking their lessons to a deadly endA subway hidden in the middle of nowhereA police officer who wants to taste your brains Caution… any connection to the Aurora Wasteland is not recommended. Read more