• Children's

    Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters

    "Freddy Fumple and the mindmonsters is most highly recommended. Marvelous!" – Readers’ Favorite (5/5 STAR REVIEW) Freddy Fumple’s world is about to turn upside down, in this nail-biting, thought-bursting, hilarious and spectacular adventure that will enthrall you from beginning to end. Freddy Fumple is not like most other people. For one, he sees things that others can’t see. What is more, he likes to ponder upon a very special question: «How far is infinity?» When he and the rest of his family move to an old house out in the country, everything is about to change. Soon Freddy is on the verge of discovering a world beyond his wildest dreams, where creatures from mythology, folklore and fairy tales are real. A world that desperately needs his help. An adventurous place where he finally can get an answer to his giant question. Providing, of course, his neighbor doesn’t make stew out of him first.And that he manages to help the confused ghost which is poltergeisting his new room.And avoids being devoured by the terrifying mindmonsters.