• Horror

    The Hour of the Dead (The Chronicles of Homo Mortem Book 1)

    The Apocalypse has been unleashed and it’s ravenous… Welcome to the world of Homo mortem. The Hour of the Dead is the first book in “The Chronicles of Homo Mortem” series, a trilogy that takes readers through an apocalyptic pandemic that threatens the destiny of humanity. A journey to the dark side of human beings through the experiences of five survivors who must unite their paths in order to face the end of the world. REVIEWS “I really enjoyed this book. Great character development and captivating story. The storyline kept me page turning and looking forward for the next chapter…” “It is compelling, story is strong…” BOOKS Trilogy The Chronicles of Homo mortemBook 1 – The Hour of the Dead.Book 2 – The Newly Alive.Book 3 – The Cathedral of the Flesh. Read more