• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Murder For Neptune’s Trident…A Citrus Beach Mystery

    Love to Curl up with a Good Mystery? Who killed JJ Travels? What does it have to do with Neptune’s Trident? A simple errand for a client leads Megan Cassidy into more trouble than she could have ever thought possible.Before she knows what has happened, she’s a witness to a murder and a target for bullets and speeding trucks. Who knew there could be so much going on in this little southern town, where your neighbors watched your back and “Mom & Pop” businesses populated Main Street? When FBI Consultant, Aiden Tory, arrives to solve the murder, Megan pushes her way into the investigation. Together, they discover JJ hid secrets about their tropical paradise. Secrets that got him killed. With her dog, Barney, helping to sniff out clues, they follow the leads, discovering the past can come back to haunt you. RE-EDITED 01/2018
  • Horror

    Mist At The Beach House (Beach House Mysteries Book 1)

    Murder, Mermaids Legends, & a Kitten from the Mist. Morgan Seaver returns to her family home on Pearl Island, expecting a warm welcome. Instead, she finds her aunt has been murdered, and accusing fingers are pointing her way. Soon she finds more than a murder needs to be solved. Her family has a history with the island, one that she is finding brings the legends of mermaids and her ancestors to the present. She must solve the murder to clear herself and come to terms with a past that has a hold of her future. Start reading A Beach House Mystery with book 1 of 6.