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    Hijinks in Ajijic: a Sassy Senior Sleuth Global Adventure Cozy Mystery

    Caring for pets in a Mexican casa sounds delightful, but when Viviane uncovers rumors and scandals, fireworks at dawn may not be the only thing exploding. Turning sixty has Viviane Masters seeking adventure and travel. Against her daughter’s wishes, spunky Viviane resolves to travel the world as a house and pet sitter. Her first sit in a sleepy ex-pat town in Mexico sounds great, but on arrival, she senses a disturbing undercurrent in the placid locale. When Viviane finds threatening notes at the casa, are the warnings for her or the homeowner? As she delves deeper into the mystery, will Viviane’s first adventure be her last? If you love travel, animals, and clean cozy mysteries with a sassy senior sleuth, grab this short read that introduces you to Viviane Masters, global house and petsitter. Hijinks in Ajijic (pronounced A-he-he or A-he-hek) is the short prequel to Deception in Devon (Book 1 in the Viviane’s Adventures Mysteries). Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Chicken Culprit: A heart-warming and humorous cozy mystery set in Colorado small mountain town. (A Backyard Farming Mystery Book 1)

    A light-hearted cozy mystery that will touch your heart and your funny-bone. When Anne Fremont discovers her neighbor dead in his compost pile, she’s thrust into the role of amateur detective. Who had the most to gain from the death and is Anne next on the list? Anne seeks to put her past behind her and moves to Carolan Springs, Colorado where she’s excited about fixing up the old Victorian she’s bought. But when her young neighbor, Kandi, begs for her help to clear her as a suspect in a neighbor’s death, Anne finds she can’t say no to the ditsy, young woman. As the suspect list grows, Anne is determined to clear Kandi’s name. This is the first book in the Backyard Farming series by Vikki Walton. Each book in the series has a backyard farming or suburban homestead theme and Chicken Culprit is about chickens and eggs, along with the theme of forgiveness. ◆◆◆Scroll up and buy this book now!◆◆◆ Read more
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    Death Takes a Break: Light-hearted Clean Cozy Mystery With a Pie-baking Sleuth

    Saddle up for a trip to the Texas Hill Country… Christie Taylor is ready for a break from work and life. She returns home to Comfort, Texas, only to be thrust into the middle of a land dispute and developers intent on gaining the Taylor Ranch property. When one of the developer’s employees dies on their property, Christie must extend her break to help her father. Christie sets out to find the killer before they strike again. But will the truth unravel everything? If you love Texas, country life and pies, you’ll enjoy this humorous cozy mystery set in the beautiful hill country. Meet the characters who may remind you of your cantankerous grandpa or your quirky next-door neighbor. Pie Recipe included!Buy Death Takes a Break and get roped in to a your new favorite cozy series.