• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Tupelo Gypsy (Voodoo Lucy Book 1)

    In New Orleans, where jazz bands play until the first light of dawn, murder doesn’t sleep either. The legend of Voodoo Lucy begins when twenty-eight-year-old Lucinda (Lucy) Jones leaves Tupelo, Mississippi. Breaking away from her alcoholic, abusive father, she starts a new life in New Orleans. Gotten through life by running small-time cons. Lucy dreams up yet another scam and soon finds herself running from a Drug Lord. When she dares to testify against a killer, Lucy’s life spirals out of control. With friends on both sides of the law and a drug gang who wants her dead, can Lucy scheme her way out of danger and into the life she’s always dreamed of? Grab a beignet and a cup of chicory coffee, and get your copy now! Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Criminal INSTINCT: Prequel to the True Blue Detective

    Mario DeLuca wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. His first beat was the New Orleans French Quarter, on foot. He met business owners and learned street scams from the best con-artist. Mario befriended Lucinda Jones who picked up a nick name of Voodoo Lucy later in the True Blue Detective Series. The first day she met Mario she had something to offer the undercover cop. She soon found herself looking down the barrel of a gun by a local thug that liked beating on woman. Lucy left Tupelo Mississippi with her mother Wanda to escape an abusive father who beat on her mother sometimes just because it was a Tuesday—he didn’t need a reason. It was risky for Lucy to take on an abusive woman beater drug dealer but that was Lucy. With her new found police officer friend they set up their own con to put this thug behind bars. This story is a prequel, taking place immediately before the events in the first book of the, True Blue Detective series. This story is filled with action, drama, mystery, relationships, and crime. It’s a front-row seat to see New Orleans from a cop’s perspective: cruising the streets, dealing with injustice, while also visiting local businesses to interact with the interesting people in this unique, historic city.