The Duke’s Christmas Rejection: an Mf Histromverse Dark Romance Prequel

    In “Seven Omegas for Seven Alphas,” enter a dark omegaverse where titles and status reign supreme. Discover a world where sweet little omegas are the center of attention at every ball, and one alpha’s obsessions could lead to both passionate chaos and personal torment.
    Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Prelude to a Revolution: Alphas of Stanlion: a Marked Omegas Prequel

    The Blessed Ilaria saw fit to give me a mate and children. I was content – satisfied with the life I had chosen. Fate had other plans. I was never one to want to go to war. I never wished or longed for it, but they brought it to my doorstep. The High Echelon forced my hand. Now, it’s my mission to cut off theirs. The Alphas of Stanlion Marked Omegas is a darkverse romance series. Please enjoy your Alphas and omegas on the darker side. Read more