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    The Bible in 90 Minutes: an Easy-to-understand Summary and Explanation of the Bible

    In just 90 minutes, you can have a far greater understanding of the Bible! The Bible is the greatest book in the world, but it can be difficult to read and understand, because it isn’t written as a continuous narrative. Instead, it is a collection of 66 individual writings (called “books” of the Bible) penned by various writers over a period of many centuries. These “books” of the Bible are not fully in chronological order, and they often have overlapping content. Such issues can make it challenging to read and understand the Bible. The Bible in 90 Minutes was written to address these issues by providing a simple, easy-to-understand summary and explanation of the Bible in narrative form. Try it for yourself. Invest just 90 minutes, and you’ll have a better understanding of the Bible than ever before. Read more