• Romance

    Game On (Aeon Book 1)

    Molly Beckham has it all. She’s the creator of one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. Everything she touches turns to gold. Except when it comes to her personal life. Returning home when her best friend dies, Molly has to face up to all she left behind. And running away isn’t going to help this time.
  • Romance

    Falling (Fall and Rise Duet Book 1)

    A boy who made the biggest mistake of his life. A man who wants to set things right. Best friends for their whole lives, Cole and Brooke didn’t plan the pregnancy that led to their teenage marriage. After a year of being miserable and feeling like a failure, Cole leaves, knowing his wife and child will be looked after by his trust fund, and wanting to make more of his life to make his family proud. Four years later, he tracks them down, and finds that while he’s lived a good life, she’s struggling—balancing two jobs while raising their daughter, Kaia. It doesn’t take long for Cole to realise that he doesn’t just want to fix things. He wants to get to know Kaia. And he wants Brooke back. If only life was that simple. This 34,000 work book is part one of a duet and ends in a cliffhanger. The story will conclude in book two (Rising). Possible trigger is listed on the copyright page.