• Romance

    King of Lies (Empire of Lies Book 1)

    Newlywed Heiress Gone Without a TraceHusband Pleads with Media, Begs for Wife’s ReturnWoman Vanishes after Wedding Those headlines are lying… My wife is currently in the backseat of my car. She’s wrapped tightly in rope with her wrists bound, unable to speak since her mouth is covered with layers of duct tape. I kidnapped her… This is the second time that she’s tried to escape, so I did what was best. Yes, those are tears falling from her eyes. Yes, she’s struggling to scream and tell me how much she hates me. I can’t focus on that, though… I’ve already messed up by falling for her, but ultimately, she’s nothing more than a pawn in a twisted game of chess. And she never would’ve said “I do” if she knew what was next … King of Lies is the first episode in the Empire of Lies series. Read more