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    Hawaiian Mythology (annotated): Discover The Polynesian Myths and Legends Surrounding Hawaiian Volcanoes

    Great Collection Of the Hawaiian Legends and Polynesian Myths with Geological Facts at the time. Unique to this title are: A Historical Introduction To the Author, his life and his works A study of themes in Hawaiian Mythology Be ready to immerse yourself into the Myths and Long forgotten Stories of The Hawaiian people. The traditional name of the Hawaiian people is Kānaka Maoli. Hawaii was settled at least 800 years ago with the voyage of Polynesians from the Society Islands. They have a rich and colorful culture as well as vibrant stories which emerged from the volcanoes and planted their roots to inspire their descendants for generations. This book will cover some of the most interesting legends as well as geological facts about the volcanoes which give an interesting perspective as to how those stories were formed. In Hawaiian religion, Pele, goddess of volcanoes, is credited with controlling the lava flows of Kilauea. Known for her strength and enviousness, Pele was descended from Papa and Wakea, the ancient Earth Mother and Sky Father. To illustrate her importance, the author includes stories from history and notes on geology. Sneak Peek of Chapters Inside: PART 1. LEGENDS 1. Ai Laau, The Forest Eater 2. How Pele Came To Hawaii 3. Pele And The Owl Ghost-God 4. The Hills Of Pele 5. Pele And The Chiefs Of Puna 6. Pele’s Tree 7. Pele And Kaha-Wali 8. Pele And Kama-Puaa 9. Pele And The Snow-Goddess 10. Genealogy Of The Pele Family 11. Pele’s Long Sleep 12. Hopoe, The Dancing Stone 13. Hiiaka’s Battle With Demons 14. How Hiiaka Found Wahine-Omao 15. Hiiaka Catching A Ghost 16. Hiiaka And The Seacoast Kupuas 17. Lohiau 18. The Annihilation Of Keoua’s Army 19. Destruction Of Kamehameha’s Fish-Ponds 20. Kapiolani And Pele PART 2. GEOLOGICAL FACTS 1. The Crack In The Floor Of The Pacific 2. Hawaiian Volcanoes 3. Volcanic Activity 4. Changes In Kilauea Crater 5. Foundation Of The Observatory About the author: William Drake Westervelt has written many books as well as magazines covering the history, legends and mythology of Hawaii. Rev. William D. Westervelt was born on the 26th of December of 1849 in Oberlin, Ohio. His interest in Hawaiian mythology was an avocation that led to numerous magazine and newspaper articles, many reprinted in his several collections. A century after its publication this book is still a great reference to Hawaiian mythology. Indulge yourself and give this audiobook a listen! Close your eyes while the narrator guides you through a time of erupting volcanoes and the birth of Pele and her great legends as the creator of the Hawaiian islands! Read more