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    The Jubilee Code: Prophetic Milestones in Yahweh’s Redemptive Plan (Prophecies & Patterns Book 3)

    Today, thanks in large part to several bestselling books on the subject, a whole new generation has been introduced to the Biblical Sabbath (Shemitah) and Jubilee cycles. All sorts of amazing claims have been made the past couple of years regarding the relevance of these ancient cycles to those of us today. The claims have included predicting stock market cycles, to the timing of the 2nd coming of Christ, and the rapture. In all the sensationalism, an important part of the subject has been overlooked. •What does the Bible actually say about the Biblical Sabbath and Jubilee cycles?•Can these cycles be dated with any certainty?•Are they really relevant to us today? To answer these important questions, William Struse takes you on an adventure that will forever change your view of the Bible’s chronological record. Building upon a reasonable and defensible rendering of the Old Testament chronology, Mr. Struse identifies and synchronizes two Biblical Shemitah and a Biblical Jubilee cycle with secular chronology. These synchronizations then allow the reader to see Biblical history in the light of what Mr. Struse calls Prophetic Milestones. Did you know that Sabbath and Jubilee cycles mark some of the most important events in Yahweh’s redemptive plan for mankind? Events like: •The creation of Adam•Enoch•The flood•The birth and call of Abraham•The birth of Isaac•The times of the Hebrew people relative to the times of the Gentiles•The 70 years captivity•Daniel 9 and the divine word to return and build Jerusalem•The death and resurrection of Yeshua•The destruction of Jerusalem and the temple•The 41st Jubilee cycle as it relates to our generation •The 123rd Jubilee cycle (3×41) as it relates to the millennium•The 144th Jubilee cycle as it relates to the New Jerusalem and the restitution of all things By the time you are finished The Jubilee Code: Prophetic Milestones in Yahweh’s Redemptive Plan, you will have a whole new appreciation for our Creator’s guiding hand in history working out His Yeshua, (YHWH’s Salvation) for all mankind. So, if you love Biblical history and Bible prophecy take a few hours to read The Jubilee Code and see Yahweh’s love for mankind demonstrated in a bold and thrilling new way.