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    Summer in Tuscany: Authentic Tuscan Menu & Recipes

    Authentic Tuscan Menu & Recipes. The romance of Tuscany beckons. Fields of wildflowers, meandering drives lined with tall slender Italian cypress trees, vineyards, history, art, blue skies and terracotta roofs – Even if you’ve never been there in person, you’ve seen the photos and longed to go. Capturing a part of the charm of the region, and making it available to you, is what this book is all about. Xandra Nash has gathered authentic traditional Tuscan recipes from her travels in Italy, and then rewrote them with American measurements. After testing them extensively in her own kitchen, she’s confident that they’re perfect for you! “After I bought my first “Dinner Parties with Xandra Nash” book, my husband wanted me to go back and get all the rest. So I did, and we’ve immensely enjoyed the meals I’ve prepared from them. When Xandra puts out more, I’ll be getting them right away!” – Gail I.