• Romance

    Love in a Small Town (Pine Harbour Book 1)

    Are they one late-night hayride away from tumbling back into a very bad idea? Olivia Minelli needs a one-way ticket out of Pine Harbour. It’s too small for both her and her ex-husband. So when a new job falls into her lap, she grabs it with both hands. When this contract is complete, she’ll have enough money saved up to leave town for good. Which means settling some unresolved business with the only man she’s ever truly loved, once and for all. Rafe Minelli knows he won’t get a second chance at what he once had with his ex-wife. The demands of his double career—as a police officer and military reservist—were a dealbreaker when they were together. And he’s thrilled for her new opportunity. But with it comes a ticking clock that forces both of them to address the smouldering embers of a connection that just won’t go away. They aren’t the same young kids who rushed into marriage the first time. But as summer slides into fall, Rafe sets out to prove he’s a changed man before he loses her forever. One hayride at a time. Read more
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    Fall Back: Navy SEAL romance (SEALs Undone Series Book 6)

    When Navy SEAL Cade Duncan partners up with Mel Vincent for an endurance race, he doesn’t expect to tumble into a romantic fling in paradise—or to be so pissed with the beautiful woman when he finds out she’s been keeping secrets. The SEALs Undone SeriesFall Out – Drew and Annie Fall Hard – Jared and CassieFall Away – Trick and GabyFall Deep – Miles and PiperFall Fast – Nathan and EmmeFall Back – Cade and MelFall Dark – Vince and LarkenFall Dirty – Hunter and SerenaFall Quiet – Quinn and LeahFall Easy – Jason and Julie
  • Romance

    Between Then and Now (Wardham Book 1)

    "Can’t wait to read other books by Zoe York. She reminds me in some ways of Jill Shalvis with her story telling." ~ 5 star review, Community Bookstop Fall in love with the Wardham series: modern, sexy small town romances Their story didn’t start with a fairytale romance. Their marriage wasn’t chosen for love. But they still chose each other…time and again. Romance is the last thing on Ian’s mind. He’s juggling two jobs, his kids are crazy and every time he gets close to his wife, she snaps at him. Communication has never been their strong suit, and now their physical connection is fizzling as well.Carrie knows she’s being too hard on her husband, but eight years ago she had a one-night stand that turned into a lifetime of diapers and dinners. She can’t shake the feeling that she wants more. Too bad she has no idea what that might be. Between Then and Now is a standalone novella in The Wardham Series. 5 chapters, 16, 000 words. Also includes an excerpt from the next book in the series. The Wardham SeriesBetween Then and Now (Carrie & Ian)What Once Was Perfect (Laney & Kyle)Where Their Hearts Collide (Karen & Paul)When They Weren’t Looking (Evie & Liam)Beyond Love and Hate (Beth & Finn)Perfect No Matter What (Laney & Kyle Do Vegas!)No Time Like Forever (Chase & Mari)Beneath These Bright Stars (Evie & Liam’s Winter Wedding)