A Knock At the Door: Who Is She? Who Was She?

By (author)Peter Rowlands

Dive into the captivating mystery and suspense of “A Knock at the Door” as a woman with lost memory seeks refuge in modern life while being chased by mysterious pursuers. This fast-moving and engrossing novel combines elements of thriller, detective story, and romance while keeping readers on the edge of their seats with its brain-teasing paradox and redemptive climax. Fans of Peter Rowlands’ Mike Stanhope mysteries will be drawn in by the vivid characters, sparkling dialogue, and unique, intricate plot.


A brain-teasing mystery that grabs you right from the start – and then deliversA bedraggled woman turns up on Rory Cavenham’s doorstep in the middle of a storm, convinced that the year is 1972, but claiming to have lost her memory.Despite his own troubled past, Rory is drawn to her; but she’s fearful of authority and frightened of mysterious pursuers, and insists on keeping a low profile as she adjusts to modern life.Determined to help her, Rory finds links to two strong but compromised women, but the truth behind their interlocking stories remains elusive. Meanwhile, the pursuers turn out to be all too real, and the pace builds as the story lunges towards its remarkable and redemptive climax.Fast-moving and engrossing, A Knock at the Door defies easy categorisation. It is part mystery thriller, part detective story, and part romance. It even hovers on the edge of science fiction, though it always keeps both feet firmly on the ground.One beta reader reports “snatching at the pages” to find an explanation for the brain-teasing paradox at the heart of the novel: who is the woman, and how can she be the person she appears to be?Readers who have enjoyed Peter Rowlands’ popular Mike Stanhope mysteries will be fascinated by this complex and intriguing tale. Like them, it is distinguished by vibrant characters and sparkling dialogue, but it also introduces some beguiling new ingredients that add extra edge to the mix.Plaudits for Peter Rowlands’ mystery novels:“Different, colourful, imaginative and infectious. He draws you into a world where you’re never quite sure what’s happening or how it will end.”“I’ve devoured his books with increasing respect …”“Rowlands’ plots are unique, and as detailed and intricate as you will find anywhere …”“It really makes a difference when an author knows how to tell a story. … I just went along for the ride, and it was a good one.”