A Reluctant Heiress


Sophia Baker is a precocious young lady with all the graces of society, except for the desire to marry. When she learns the realities of the world, she must decide whether to conform to societal expectations or forge her own path. Find out what she chooses in this captivating historical fiction novel.


Precocious sixteen-year-old Sophia Baker is as accomplished as a young lady can be. She has all the graces that society requires of her- she speaks several languages, is well versed in the politics of her time, and is quite an accomplished piano player. She possesses everything a young lady should to be an ornament to society, except for one thing – the desire to be married. Perhaps that is due to the fact that, by choice, Sophia has always shunned society gatherings, or perhaps it is part of her nature. However Sophia will soon have to face the realities of the world that she lives in; that safety and security is not always guaranteed to a young woman. How will Sophia proceed once she learns this lesson? Will she decide to conform to society and pursue a marriage for wealth and position? Or will she forge her own path ? Read on to find out!