• Historical Fiction

    Lady of the Lake (Regency Romance) (Victoria Framington Series Book 1)

    Sixteen-year-old Victoria Framington lives in the small village of Kendal in the Lake District. She and her younger sister, Mary, work in the family bakery alongside their widowed father. Mary has inherited the family genius for baking and improved upon it so much that Mr. Framington is confident that his culinary legacy will live on in her. Victoria, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Mary. While Mary is creative, reliable, and responsible Victoria is flighty and chafes under the weight of responsibility. Truth be told Victoria is happiest when she is running deliveries around town, a time when she is in control of her own time and destination. As our story begins the esteemed Lady Morton has decided to hold an assembly on her estate- Morton Manor, to which the entire town has been invited. The occasion heralds the arrival of her nephew, handsome young Thomas Kingston. Lady Morton hires the Framington’s to cater her assembly , which allows the girls their first opportunity to serve and be seen by the gentry. But as they find out from the assembly not all that glitters is gold, read on to find out if Victoria and Mary will find happiness or heartache in this first book of the series! Read more