A Walk With Jesus Down Hope Road: Traveling from Brokenness to Hope on the Road to Emmaus

By (author)Michael Murray


“We had hoped…” captures the universal experience of disappointment and unfulfilled hopes. Join two of Jesus’ friends on the Road to Emmaus as they walk through brokenness, disappointment, suffering, redemption, and ultimately, hope. This short, poignant book will take you on a journey of reflection and renewal, reminding you that Hope Road is just around the bend.


“We had hoped…”

Those might be the three most relatable words in the whole Bible.

Who hasn’t hoped for something? And—maybe more importantly—who hasn’t been disappointed by a hope gone unfulfilled?

I had hoped he would quit drinking… she would come back… the cancer would be gone for good…

The list goes on.

On the very first Easter Sunday, two of Jesus’ friends faced their own “I had hoped” moment. This poignant story, known as the Road to Emmaus, is one of the most beautiful narratives in the Bible.

Two people walk along a road, heartbroken that Jesus has died. Jesus joins them on their walk, but they don’t recognize him. Slowly, though, hope returns to their weary hearts.

In this short book, we’ll join these two friends on the road to Emmaus as Jesus walks them through five different mile markers:

* Broken Road
* Disappointment Road
* Suffering Road
* Redemption Road
* Hope Road

Throughout the journey, we’ll reflect on our own disappointments and trials, never losing sight that Hope Road is just around the bend.

So, go grab a comfortable pair of shoes…

It’s time to take a walk with Jesus down Hope Road.

Author’s Note: A Walk With Jesus Down Hope Road is a short read, clocking in at about 14,000 words.

About the Author:

Michael Murray is just a messy, broken guy trying to follow Jesus one step at a time. He was born with cerebral palsy, a disability that affects motor skills. Living life with CP has given Michael a unique perspective on God’s grace and mercy. He writes books to share the good news that every single person matters to Jesus.

Michael and his wife Diana live in Orlando, FL, with their son Emmett and dog Ruby. He is a big fan of sweet tea, musicals, and writing about himself in the third person.

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