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    Nobody Left Out: Jesus & the Way of Sorrows: A Messy, Broken Journey Through the Stations of the Cross

    We all want a world where God shields us from suffering. But Jesus’ final day on earth is a reminder that God is in the suffering with us. When we walk the broken road with Jesus, light glimmers in darkness, and hope peeks out from despair.  Every Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But the empty tomb is not a story of instant hope. It’s the end of a long journey marked by suffering. The painful road Jesus traveled on the day of his death is known as the “Way of Sorrows.” It begins with Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and ends with his body placed in the tomb. In between, the drama of Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion plays out for all to see. Nobody Left Out: Jesus & the Way of Sorrows is a journey with Jesus through these final 18 hours of his life. It uses the Scriptural Stations of the Cross—a devotional exercise practiced across many Christian traditions—as a guide. As you travel with Jesus and stop at fifteen scenes along the road, you’ll: Enter the drama and experience the story from the perspective of each character. Find comfort in knowing that Jesus understands suffering and is with you in your pain.  Reflect on questions to help you see Jesus in new ways. See that even in personal times of sorrow, you can dare to have hope because of how the story ends.  Whether you’ve been following Jesus your whole life or have never cracked open a Bible, Nobody Left Out: Jesus & the Way of Sorrows will show you that Jesus is with you in the hard times…   He traveled down the sorrowful road because he doesn’t want anyone left out! About the Author: Michael Murray is just a messy, broken guy trying to follow Jesus one step at a time. He was born with cerebral palsy, a disability that affects motor skills. Living life with CP has given Michael a unique perspective on God’s grace and mercy. He created the Nobody Left Out book series to share the good news that every single person matters to Jesus. Michael lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife Diana (who’s an amazing artist!) and their dog Ruby. He attends Summit Church, where he serves as a writer and actor on the family productions team. Michael is a big fan of sweet tea, musicals, and writing about himself in the third person.