Alkaline Diet: Ultimate Guide on Alkaline Diet Approach, Importance of Alkaline Foods

By (author)Tasha Adams


Discover the transformative power of the alkaline diet with this comprehensive guide that covers everything from principles of eating to acid-forming foods to avoid. Take control of your health and vitality by making simple changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, and start living your best life today!


Do you know that the alkaline diet positively affects your physical well-being by addressing your body’s pH value?. Are you aware that by eating foods that produce alkaline ash, your blood becomes alkaline?. Few people realize the true impact that their food choices have on their bodies. For cells and organs to function efficiently, they must not live in an acidic environment. This means that the pH level of the blood and urine should be measured at least at 7, though a slightly alkaline level (up to 7.4) might further benefit health.. In this book we will look at:What Is the Alkaline Diet?5 Principles of Eating “The Alkaline Way”Alkaline Diet Food ListAcid-Forming Foods to AvoidAlkaline Diet FAQsAnd much moreIn this manual, you will find all the information you need. This easy-to-follow, comprehensive book will show you a more positive and beneficial approach to life and nutrition. In addition to the meal plan Bonus above, you will also find another fantastic bonus inside the volume.. You should adopt a healthy lifestyle by consuming the alkaline diet at all times. You may have suffered from chronic diseases for a long time, but an alkaline diet can help you reduce the body acids and regain your health. Maybe you have not fallen sick but you have realized that you have been taking too much acidity into your body. The time is now, start taking the alkaline diet and combine the foods properly and you will enjoy a good life with a lot of strength, power, vitality and endurance.. Get started today. Turn your dreams into reality.