Beeing Happy With Unicorn Jazz and Friends : Children’s Unicorn Book Series

By (author)Lisa Caprelli



Be happy with this Unicorn Jazz series picture book, a happiness books for kids of all ages includes BEE HAPPY with animal friends, showing imaginative and creative ideas on what being happy means to inspire kindness, joy and love.

Children’s unicorn book series and loving happiness book! Award-winning Unicorn Jazz Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends brings animal friends together in this heartfelt book filled with ways to be happy with colorful hand-drawn, kid-like art!

Unicorn Jazz and animal friends in this happiness books for kids include a bee named BEE HAPPY, octopus, gorilla, cat, ocean friends, and Woof the Crow, all showing imaginative and creative ideas on what being happy can mean.

Part of the popular social emotional and empathy series with original songs found at
This book is available in English, Spanish and soon in French!

It’s a great time with kids at home, preschoolers, and primary elementary school aged children to grab the FREE fun activities and resources that go Beyond the Book on author’s website to show happiness in simple things like playing at home, reading a book, playing make believe, spending time with loved ones. Along with heartfelt happy lessons on self-expression and the importance of bonding and togetherness, your kid can make their own being happy art!

This book shows home and family values. Social Emotional Learning for children showing that each person is unique and individual while celebrating diversity. Share values of what happiness means to you; emotion is radiantly captured in the art of all the characters with an I Spy Bee to hunt down on each page, too!

Part of the children’s unicorn book series, the idea of being unique.

Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and friends is part of the Unicorn picture books for children series, Unicorn Jazz series, by media and award-winning author Lisa Caprelli.

The main teachings from the first book on feeling openly content with your own uniqueness, belonging and believing in others is brought to life in full color pages in this second children’s book series. Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends demonstrates how kids can positively involve themselves socially through illustrating that the little things in our individual day-to-day lives do matter and that each new day is another chance to make yourself happy by helping another.

The 10 Questions were a great bonus for me and my child. We also loved “finding” Bee Happy on every page as a game. Bravo for another well thought out and entertaining book about happiness!

“Encourages happiness and appreciation for positive moments.” -Kristal Leon, Mom Blogger

Unicorn Jazz teaches readers: kindness, happiness, acceptance and celebrating our uniqueness.

“This book makes a great gift for children with creative happy ideas on what Being Happy could be. It makes you think of more ways we can all be happy, even with simple things such as belonging, making s’mores, and being present with family and friends.” -Jacquie Aguilar, School Counselor

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