Cleaning Hacks & Secrets: House Cleaning Made Easy

This book will show you the secrets to making house cleaning simple and enjoyable. With easy hacks and cheap everyday products, you can have a clean and healthy home without spending a lot of money or using harsh chemicals. Imagine living in a dust-free, fresh, and squeaky clean home that you can proudly entertain guests in – all thanks to the tips and tricks in this book!


House cleaning made simpleHave you always wanted to keep a spin-and-span home but do not know where to start? Well then, this book will be your guide!A clean home will provide you with a host of benefits. You can enjoy peace and relaxation, neatness and organization. But most of all, it will allow you to stay healthy. This book will give you steps on how to solve house cleaning problems by making the steps a lot easier.In this book you will find the following hacks and secrets:How to make the habit of house cleaning easier to learnJump-start your cleaning project by tackling the basic tasks firstUse extremely cheap everyday products you can find in the kitchen to clean your homeClean your ceilings, windows, and walls with easeProperly clean and buff tile and hardwood floorsClean out your refrigerator and microwave efficientlyDisinfect and clean your stove and ovenProperly clean and treat different types of counter-tops and kitchen cabinetsQuickly and effectively clean your bathroomThe right way to wash and clean pillows, mattresses, bedding, and other bedroom essentials, and lots more!Once you have read this book, you will realize how easy it actually is to clean and disinfect your home. You do not even have to spend a lot of money just to do it.The best part is that the cleaning materials suggested in this book are all environment-friendly and easy to use. You do not have to scrub your hands raw and expose yourself and your family to harsh chemicals just to enjoy a clean home. By using safe products, you will also feel less guilty cleaning your home more regularly.Imagine yourself living in a home that is free from dust, dirt, and strange odors. A home which you look forward home to. A place where you can proudly entertain your guests in and spend quality time with your family members.You can have these and more, once you turn your chores into a new form of workout routine and enjoy the benefits of a home that is fresh, neat, and squeaky clean!Download the book and solve house cleaning problems with easy hacks.