Cloudy With A Chance Of Cowboy

By (author)Olivia Sands


Welcome to Saint Cloud, Texas, a charming small town where love, friendship, and family values thrive – the perfect setting for sweet romance stories overflowing with tenderness, humor, and sigh-worthy moments. In this heartwarming contemporary romance series, follow the lives of the town’s residents as they adjust to the arrival of a video game company in their midst.


Cloudy with a Chance of Cowboy is the first book in the Saint Cloud, Texas series, a collection of heartwarming, clean, and wholesome small-town romances.. Video game designer Chris Davis relocates his company to the charming town of Saint Cloud and finds he’s truly more comfortable behind a computer screen than in the saddle in his new environment.. As this handsome city man settles into his new life, he is drawn to Cassidy Norton, the determined owner of the local bed and breakfast.. A former beauty queen, Cassidy is fighting tooth and nail to save her family’s struggling B&B. With the help of her loyal brothers, she’s determined to keep the business afloat, even if it means taking a chance on the newcomers in town.. As Cassidy and Chris work together to bridge the gap between the tech world and the traditional ways of Saint Cloud, their connection builds.. From moonlit horseback rides to hot-blooded brawls, Chris soon finds himself transforming into Cassidy’s very own cowboy.