Daxton Tanner and the Eleagons

By (author)A.R. Hoff


Discover a world of mystery and danger in this gripping tale of a boy who uncovers his true identity and the secrets of a hidden land. Join Daxton as he navigates the dangers of Eldragor, where dark secrets and looming threats put him and his friends at risk. Will he save his friends and discover his true destiny, or is he and the world of Eldragor doomed to fall?


What if the world you were supposed to save….didn’t know you exist?. Growing up in an orphanage run by two eccentric sisters is far from ordinary, especially for twelve-year-old Daxton, who is plagued by strange occurrences happening around him. Still, nothing can prepare him for the moment that he discovers a mysterious pendant he hatches small, creatures called Eleagons.. Daxton soon discovers that he isn’t of our world and belongs at Eldragor, a hidden land for people who can control elements. But danger lurks around every corner. Teachers and students alike harbor dark secrets about the heinous deeds needed to keep their society functioning, secrets they don’t want Daxton learning.Students begin to go missing to return with no powers or memories. Daxton and his friends set out to uncover the culprit before one of them becomes the next victim. Can he save his friends and his Eleagons? Or is he, and Eldragor, doomed to fall?