Faking Christmas Love At the Doggy Spa: a Sweet Romantic Comedy

By (author)Elsie Woods


Join the fur-filled romance of ‘Faking Christmas Love at the Doggy Spa’ this holiday season, where the irresistible Dr. Chamberlain might just make you believe in Christmas love. This quick-read novella will warm your heart with giggles and the adorable antics of Tom, Claire, and their four-legged companion, Cornelius. Happy reading!


This holiday season, join the fur-filled romance of ‘Faking Christmas Love at the Doggy Spa,’ where the only thing more irresistible than puppy eyes is Dr. Chamberlain!

It’s Christmastime. No time for playing around with romance. I’m a woman working my way up in the corporate world!

The only man in my life is Cornelius. My sausage dog. He goes with me everywhere, which really means that I accompany him everywhere.

Including to the vet, Dr. Chamberlain.

About Dr. Chamberlain… If ever there was a rugged dog lover hunk of man that just might make me change my mind about Christmas love, it would be him.

I don’t have time. Or patience. Or the right disposition for romance.

I’m an event manager and I’ve got parties coming out of my ears. Events where I’m supposed to bring a plus one… and Cornelius doesn’t count.

But Dr. Chamberlain is a perfect fake date. If I look at him with longing eyes, that’s all just part of the plan, right?

That fluttering in my stomach must be from all the Christmas candy. It better not be feelings for the vet.

Cornelius, do not bite Santa! I’ll give you a treat…

Faking Christmas Love at the Doggy Spa is a quick read that will warm your heart with giggles this season. Because puppy love and puppies are one of the world’s greatest combinations!

Start the series with this novella and come to love the antics of Tom, Claire, and four-legged Cornelius!

**All books in this series are standalone with characters who weave through the stories. They can be read in any order. Happy reading!**