Family Ghouls

By (author)Alex A. King


To Allie Callas, seeing ghosts is little more than a pain in her butt, until her septuagenarian best friend is murdered and her spirit demands Allie launch a manhunt. For Allie, finding things is a breeze-she runs a business called Finders Keepers. But missing persons and coveted knick-knacks aren’t killers. Will Allie figure out whodunit without taking a one-way trip to the grave herself? A humorous mystery set in Greece and steeped in ouzo.


STOLEN GHOULS, #3 in the Greek Ghouls series, is out now!

Allie Callas has a normal-ish job: she’s the owner and sole employee of Finders Keepers, a service dedicated to the time-consuming task of finding (and finding out) things on the tiny Greek island of Merope. The fact that she’s been seeing the dead ever since she can remember is incidental. It’s nothing more than a … a … a birthmark on her soul and a pain in her butt.

Except now death is getting personal and the dead are getting bossy. Her best friend (and neighbor) has been murdered, and her ghost is back to tell Allie that the events leading up to her death are hazy (very unhelpful), and that she wants Allie to figure out whodunit.

Allie isn’t a cop, but the wall-banging, hump-happy Detective Leo Samaras is just one floor away. Does he want her help? Nooo … But he wouldn’t mind taking a good, hard look at her bedroom.

With the dead starting to make unreasonable demands on her time, can Allie figure out who killed her friend, without taking a one-way trip to the grave herself? Will she start cursing the day she started seeing ghosts? And where did the hefty ghost cat that has moved into her apartment come from anyway?

FAMILY GHOULS is the first book in the Greek Ghouls series: a comedic mystery set in Greece and steeped in ouzo.