Forbidden Witches

By (author)SM Reine


Leah Todd receives a mysterious tarot card in the mail and her life is changed forever. She meets the lead singer of a metal band who believes she is meant to save a dying werewolf, but Leah soon finds herself falling for the wrong werewolf, creating a complex and captivating romantic drama. This thrilling and enchanting tale of love, magic, and destiny will keep you turning the pages until the very end.


In a week, straight A student and total good girl Leah Todd is supposed to graduate with her bachelor’s degree. Then she receives a mysterious tarot card in the mail and everything changes. The tarot card seems to serve as a VIP ticket into a show by a metal band called The Forbidden. She’s never heard of them before, but the instant she lays eyes on the lead singer, Rage, she knows that she’s much more than a fan. She’s found where she needs to be. Weirder still, the band agrees. They’ve been waiting for a tarot witch like Leah to save Graham, a dying werewolf, by mating with him. The problem is that Leah’s not a witch, she doesn’t believe in magic, and she quickly falls for the wrong werewolf. But Donne doesn’t seem to return the feelings. In fact, he might kind of hate her. As high priest of his coven, Rage has solutions for Leah. All she needs to do is surrender her life to the coven, the werewolf pack…and to him.