I Am Now Dog!: …similar to Cabinet of Curiosities, Tales from the Crypt and the Twilight Zone!

By (author)D.David Croot

“I am now Dog” is a humorous and poignant exploration of the human condition and current socio-political events. The author pays tribute to Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Heart of the Dog” while adding a fresh and innovative twist to the narrative, making it a must-read for anyone looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining literary experience.


I am now DogI am now Dog is dedicated to my Dad and my brother.We are all bastards and get away with far too much in life. But life is pure and so are we. This is the reason I wrote I am now dog.It’s funny, hip and toys with the human condition as well as current socio-political events in a way that that, frankly, turns my literary head on.There is a debt of honour for Mikhail Bulgakov’s heart of the dog, which I felt, failed/meandered in many places.Such is life, such are other people’s stories the foundation for which I borrow and steal ever so zealously wherever I can.Do not fear for never will I fail to innovate and add in the new. Such is my want, such is my style.