Instant Desire

By (author)Elouise East


When Sean meets his client, Asher, his determination to avoid love is tested as they form a deep connection. Asher, a single father, is drawn to Sean despite his reluctance to let anyone in. As they navigate their emotional baggage, a stranger’s advice sets Sean on a path he never expected.


Sean doesn’t need anyone. He’s happy on his own, working his way through life. Until he meets his client, Asher. Their attraction is instant, but Sean refused to let himself feel anything. Everyone leaves him in the end, so he’s only saving himself from future heartbreak. Except he can’t stay away.Being given guardianship of his niece was a blessing, although it came with grief at the loss of his sister. Life is short, and he needs to focus on being a single father. When Sean comes to his rescue unexpectedly, Asher finds himself smitten with the haunted man.Although Asher tries to help Sean, the man pushes him away. He can’t bring someone into his niece’s life if they’re not going to stay.Loss has a way of changing how people view the world. Read what happens when Sean receives advice from a stranger that sets him on a path he would never have chosen before.