Invisible: in a Small Town

By (author)Alie Garnett


Anderson is completely oblivious to the fact that he is the main character of the romance novels written by his employee, Ruth. However, when they unexpectedly cross paths during a snowstorm in North Dakota, he finally sees her and an irresistible connection is formed. Will their love survive their contrasting backgrounds, or will it disappear like the melting snow?


Anderson has no idea he is the star of every romance novel Ruth has written.

Quiet and shy, Ruth Kennedy liked to think it was her professionalism that prevented her from pursuing her boss. In reality, it was because he simply didn’t see her. As his employee, she was basically invisible to him for anything other than business-related matters.

She knew whirlwind romances didn’t play out in real life like they did in the books she wrote in her free time. Even so, she couldn’t help but fantasize about Anderson, her boss, looking at her with love in his eyes as tender words slipped from his lips.

All that changes when the two run into each other in the middle of a North Dakota blizzard. For the first time, he truly sees her… and the two are irresistibly drawn to one another. He’s from the big city. She’s a small-town girl at heart. Can she let him in, knowing what’s between them could be fleeting? Or will their chance at happiness melt with the piled up snow?