My Dashing Duke: Regency Romance

By (author)Tammy Andresen


In “A Duke in the Snowbank,” the Duke of Dashlington finds himself stranded in a tiny village during a snowstorm and is rescued by a Christmas angel who turns out to be an eligible lady. To avoid a forced marriage, the duke pretends to be someone else, leading to a world of trouble. Join them in this heartwarming Christmastide tale filled with lies, love, and unexpected miracles.


A duke by any other name…

When the Duke of Dashlington gets stuck into a tiny village during a snowstorm, there is little to do but drink himself into a stupor. The problem? Well, it’s hard to count just one. He stumbles into the snow, falls down, and can’t seem to get himself back up again. Imagine the indignity of dying in a snowbank? But when a little Christmas angel comes and rescues him, he can’t resist stealing a kiss. She looks heaven sent and tastes like the sweetest gingerbread. It all seems innocent enough until the next morning when he realizes she was no angel but an eligible lady and one who might just request marriage as a boon. How does a duke get out of such a situation? He lies about his identity, of course. Which means his troubles are only just beginning.

A lady in need of a Christmastide miracle…

Lady Noelle hasn’t slept properly in months. Which is exactly why she is awake when an unknown gentleman falls into the snow. When he doesn’t rise, she dashes to his rescue, forgetting all about the wish she’d just been making on a Christmas star. A request to help her sisters overcome the loss of their mother. But once she reaches the gentleman, several things become apparent. He’s young, handsome, well dressed, and possibly, her wish come true… Now, if he’d just cooperate.